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2022 FTGC Field Experience in Colombia:  Guided Research Question

During July 2022, I was able to complete my International Field Experience for the Fulbright for Global Classrooms Fellowship in Colombia.  For two weeks, I was able to visit primary schools, middle schools, high schools and Universities in Bogotá, Colombia with 15 amazing colleagues from all over the United States.  We were hosted by Yani Romero, a Fulbright TEA alum and teacher from from Montería, Colombia.  We spoke with students, teachers and administrators within these school settings as we sought answers to our individual guided research questions.  With Yani's thoughtful planning and abundant enthusiasm, we were able to immerse ourselves in Colombian culture.  We ate, we danced and we explored the beauty and uniqueness that makes Colombia the second happiest country in the world.

Each fellow who participated in this field experience had their own guided research question related to their interests and specialties within education.  I went into this experience feeling very curious about agency and access in both the US and Colombia.  Although two weeks, didn't feel like nearly enough time to dive as deep as I would have liked into this subject, I do have a reflection in the Google Doc below.  I look forward to continuing this research both in the United States and abroad.  If you want to learn more about my experiences in Colombia please see my blog.     

How do educators, education leadership and education policy in the United States and Colombia ensure equity and accessibility so that all students develop agency and independence?
  • How do varying academic environments define success and how is this messaged?
  • How much agency do educators, students, families and school leadership have to impact change in their school community? 
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